Much awaited 9 days Acceptance course by PARAMA PPOJYA GURU MATHA AMMA.

Sri Guru Matha Amma is already observing MOUNA (Silence) daily, except between 05.00 PM to 05.30 PM IST. In spite of this, due to long standing demand of many devotees and spiritual aspirants. Sri Amma has decided to conduct Basic Meditation course, popularly known as acceptance class also.

All are required to use this opportunity.

Course benefits a completely and totally integrated health, Body, Mind and Heart, by cleansing at all.

Levels of these three aspects. Details may be seen in attachment.

Commencement : 5th MAY 2019, on ALTERNATE DAYS only

Timings         -   05.00 PM to 07.00 PM on all days.

Venue           -   SriDhara SriGudda, Kodipalya, Kengeri, BENGALURU 560060.

Contact         -   Smt. BHANU (M) +91 78997 26116 &
                      -   Smt. USHA (M) +91 98803 83793

Registration   -   5th MAY 2019 at 04.00 PM.

Brochure       -   Download